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A Presentation of the week

The Planetary Week for a Better World is a project of a previously unseen scale, a challenge at the planetary level, that takes place each year on the 5 continents and which, in 2018, will take place from June 2nd to 10th.


During the week, all organizations, businesses, local communities, the education and health sectors as well as all citizens are invited to take on new initiatives and to make decisions in order to create a higher quality of life for each individual on the planet.


The Planetary Week for a Better World is based on 7 ethical principles that respond to the universal and fundamental needs of all human beings.


These ethical principles are respected and taken into account by all individuals hoping to create and to bring about the greatest quality.


They impact, of course, our actions, the quality of our relationships with others, the taking into account of effects on others and on the planet, and the quality of life that results from positioning oneself in alignement with them is remarkable.


Ethical Principles are respected and taken into account by all the new leaders in each of their decisions, actions and strategies, within the frame of this new paradigm that is the Ethical Leadership.

Here are the needs these principles have to answer to, in a simultaneous way and without any hierarchy : 

1.     Being healthy (vitality, and of course, access to water and food)

2.     Being secure (physically, emotionnally and economocally)

3.     Having access to knowledge (education, true information)

4.     Respecting every human being, the planet, and life in general 

5.     Having balance and well-being 

6.     Include and not exclude (also include in all our reasonings the real causes and real effects or impacts))

7.     Self-realize and be able to conretizea quality project



This week is a special time for all the participating members of society. Each individual can decide to take constructive, creative initiatives depending on his/her place in the world, diversity of ideas, cultural richness and personal desires.


There is no imposed format to participate : each person is free to come up with his/her unique way of getting involved. Creating, exchanging and/or collaborating in order to offer a higher quality of life to onself and to one's relationships with other citizens.


This moment of massive participation should allow for a repositioning in a truly global way: instead of acting based on restricted visions and in the short term, we can develop our perspectives for innovation and for quality, wherever we may be, for each person on Earth.


This week exists to give back, rather than to demand or make claims, to contribute rather than to take, and to encourage, rather than to criticize.

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