Accredited by the United Nations

Believe in each person's potential, reveal the potential of the world
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Accredited by the United Nations

A Presentation of the Association :


The world we live in today with its procession of suffering and hardship does not reflect the tremendous potential that human beings have and are able to use when they are met with challenges, from the construction of the pyramids to the discovery of the infinitely small or even the first steps on the Moon.

The association of Planetary Week for a Better World wishes to make all human beings realise that they have the potential to make our world better. Its objective is to encourage, stimulate and promote the application of this collective consciousness, in ordrer to manage high quality project

If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself.  We propose that everyone takes some decisions and creates more (of a connection )on a personal, family, social, professional and consumer level.

Our association also targets major social, cultural, economic and political organisations on a national and international level.


It means to be more generous to oneself for what is essential in our life (good health, harmony, balance ...). Secondly, it means more of a connection to our family (more openness, listening, joy, flexibility, presence ...) and simultaneously to others (my village, my city, and those on the other side of the world...) . Lastly, act as an informed consumer by favouring truly responsible companies.

These projects can be created at all levels and for all social, cultural, economic, and political organisations on a national and international level.

The human being is at the centre of our concerns regardless of the sectors or areas of life envisaged. Our goal is to create a dynamic evolution based on ethical principles taking into account the essential, fundamental and universal needs of all human beings.

Accredited by the United Nations, partnered with the City of Paris and over 30 diverse organizations, The Planetary Week for a Better World generates and federates the creation of value for all the transitions leading to a more sustainable world, including: education, health, the environment, biodiversity, ethics, social entrepreneurship and culture.


Story, and the Actors at its Heart


For the past 9 years and still today, The Planetary Week for a Better World federates over 30 partner organizations (associations, social businesses) that put actions and projects into place aimed at creating awareness, such as:


  • Conference by Edel Gött, President of The Planetary Week for a Better World, at the Rio Summit in 2012,

  • Meeting with Muhammad Yunus, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, through partnership with Danone Communities,

  • Interscholastic Meetings in Senegal, Togo, Peru, Ecuador and Gabon, on the environment and with the international movement Forest&Life from Kinomé,

  • Concerts of Japanese Drums, connected with over 11 countries spread out over 4 continents,

  • Tree Planting by over 100 primary school children with les Apprentis d’Auteuil


The Planetary Week for a Better World creates each year, during the first week of June, a major event, assembling citizens and scientists.

It is a powerful moment for building momentum and making decisions for a better world.

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Nous contacter  : 43 Rue de Villez 78280 Bennecourt