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Believe in each person's potential, reveal the potential of the world
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For businesses, organizations, associations, families and individuals

1 - Planetary Week for a Better World reminds everyone that they are in essence a CREATOR on all levels of their life, with an enormous POTENTIAL that they can contribute personally and professionally to create a better world.

2 - It challenges every human being to look deeply within themselves and ask truly what they wish for, to give and receive the best in life.

3 - This week exists to offer rather than claim, give rather than take and encourage rather than criticize.

4 - The idea of ​​this week does not rest on religion or morality. This week is based on universal ethical principles as defined in the following paragraph.

5 - Any contribution to this week must be made in respect of the essential, fundamental and universal needs of all human beings and the environment, and on an ethical basis. This includes ( and is not listed in any particular order): the quality of water and food, health, safety, respect for people, a well-being and balanced life, access to knowledge, inclusivity, self-realization and the realization (d’un projet de qualité) of a qualitative outcome for everyone.

6 - The Planetary Week towards a Better World is characterized by exploring to create more harmony, exchanges, balance, peace, joy, quality of life, taking a step back, responsibility, appreciation and constructive initiatives on a personal, family, social, professional and consumer level. It affects all sectors and all areas of life.

7 - This week is also to recognize and value the rich potential of children, to eliminate all physical and psychological violence towards them and to enable young people to not go towards insecurity and suffering, but rather in the direction of a better world, a world at peace.

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