Believe in each person's potential, reveal the potential of the world
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To create a better world

We live today in a word of suffering, difficulties and inconsitencies right on our doorstep, and yet, every one of us has the capacity/ability to act.

If we want to change the world, this must begin at home.

A few concrete ideas

On a personal level
  • Cultivate the friendship that are important to you

  • Make a practice of not judging others for one week

  • Get ride of addictive or excessive behaviours (coffee, cigarettes, video games...)

  • Perform a generous act for three people and ask them to do the same with three others, and so on

  • Take care of your body and face

  • Practice activities that bring you more joy 

At work
  • Take up actions or initiatives for sustainable development in your  company

  • Repair relationships with colleagues after conflicts

  • Stand up for what you know is right

  • Get the whole staff together during half a day to find out how to add more meaning of the company's activities

  • Redirect company strategies toward he creation of value, create partnerships that contribute to a better world

  • Innovate and create new products and services

For your family
  • Do something creative together

  • Enjoy a meal the children lovingly cooked

  • Tell your relatives you love them and why they are amazing

  • Create a family progress report with the children and create a beautiful projects together

  • Give flowers to those you love

  • Organize a great party

As consumers
  • Give preference to responsible companies

  • Eat healthy, organic food

  • Do not buy any products containing unhealthy ingredients, additives or products that do not respect environment (food, cleaning products...)

  • Get as much information as possible on the contents of the products you buy, their origin and their effects on health.

  • Use renewable energy

  • Reduce your water and electricity consumption

  • Sort your trash and recycle batteries, light bulbs, cell phones (do  not forget thata plastic bag lasts 500 years...)

  • Put your money in a responsible more ethical bank

On the social level
  • Invite people who are alone and/or elderly people to a party or meal

  • Perform three good acts and ask those who benefit from then to pass it forward

  • Decorate your flat or your house and celebrate

  • Take part in a local Exhange Trading System

  • Organize a local clean-up with your friends and neighbours

  • Talk to your school, city council, and local organizations about getting involved in The Planetary Week for a Better World

And you ?

What are your daily initiatives ?

These are below some links, books, applications that can inspire you !

Make decisions today. Don't only dream to a better world.

Make yourself the present of becoming a STAKEHOLDER and take concrete actions

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